“Listen very carefully. I shall say this only once.

The city of Averoigne is in trouble. No, worse – the city of Averoigne is being murdered. We’re being pushed to the wall. The war broke the back of France – young men dead, people dragged from their homes, Nazi’s sitting happily in our nation’s chateaus, drinking centuries of fine wine, burning mountains of exquisite literature, raping our daughters, beating our sons. Now they own our city. They think they own us too. They’re wrong.

We Changeling’s know what it’s like to have our world taken from us. We understand degradation, we understand torture, and we know what suffering means in a way that most humans can’t possibly comprehend. And we’ve learnt. We’ve learnt how to fight back.

So that’s what we’ll do. The Summer Court is leaving Averoigne and it’s not coming back until they’re gone. You can join us, or you can get the fuck out of our way.” – Last speech delivered by Huron of the Spear, Lord of Summer of the Ancient Freehold of Averoigne at the Changeling Council of Autumn, 1941.

January, 1942, occupied France – the Freehold of Averoigne has been shattered by the Nazi occupation. Half of the Summer Court has left the town, and unrest is fomenting in the Changeling population. An election is on its way to decide the ruler of the Freehold for the coming Spring; and for the ambitious Changeling there is everything to gain, and everything to lose.

Dreams of a free France